Research at a Glance

Ambe durga Education Trust’s Dadasaheb Balpande College of Pharmacy  has established new division of scientific services Research at a Glance for uplifting the standards of the research work in the central India. Research at a Glance provides a concise overview of the work. This specialized center has a team of experts engaged in different innovative research projects.

 Research Integrity is Dadasaheb Balpande College of Pharmacy’s  commitment to creating and maintaining an environment that promotes responsible research conduct.  DBCOP research at a glance are built upon standards of excellence, truthfulness, moralistic actions and legally permissible conduct and supporting these foundations through effective and proper procedures and policies. The objective is to create one-stop-research solutions to the authors/investors/researchers from academics/ industries.

Key Areas of Research

Crystal Engineering, Impurity Analysis, HPLC Analysis, Infra Red Spectroscopy, Herbal and Poly Herbal formulations, Tablets with Different Release Pattern, Formulation Development of Novel Drug Delivery System, Rheological Behavior of Semisolid and Liquids, Validation Protocol, Stability Studies of API and Formulations, CNS Activity, Gastric Disorders, Pain Behavior, Anti-inflammatory Activity Immunopharmacological studies, Neuropsychological and Behavioral Studies, Phytochemical Studies Toxicological studies, Extraction and Isolation of Phytochemicals, etc.

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