Animal House

The pre-clinical testing evaluates the efficacy and the toxicity of the product before its possible administration to human beings.

DBCOP has well established animal house approved by CPCSEA, giving all the necessary care & facilities for hygienic housing of laboratory animals like Wistar rats and mice required for preclinical studies.


“Today’s lecture delivered will be a seedling that can be transformed into tomorrow’s mighty oak as a Leadership skill”

We provide a separate fully Air Conditioned Seminar Hall measures about 75 sq. mtrs., where students are regularly delivering seminars, group discussions, debates and guest lectures. Our seminar rooms is spacious, well ventilated and equipped with Projectors, Internet access unit, Television set, VHS, CD/VCD units is utilized for events, presentations, meetings, conferences and lectures.


“The best place to interact and motivate the people is Auditorium”

Auditorium is a centre of attraction for all the young blood to explore their talent. It has awesome ambience for the organization of cultural events, Industry-Institute Interactions, fares, seminar and conferences.

A kind of conference room measuring about 270 sq. mtrs. and seating capacity of around 350 peoples equipped with audio visual accessories.