Dr. V. P. Sabale

M. Pharm., Ph.D.

Department: Pharmaceutics

 Date of Joining : 01/08 /2017

Area of Specialization:  Pharmaceutics

Work Experience :       18.9 Years

Teaching: 18.9 Years                    

Research: 02 Years             

Industrial: Nil

Patents:  Nil

Funded Projects:  Nil

P.G. Student/s Supervised: 28 Assisted: Nil
Paper Published: National: 12 International: 10
Paper Presented in Conference: National: 10 International: 05
Conference Attended/ Organized: National: 33 International: Nil

Professional Membership/s: APTI, IPA, ACPI. In Pharm Association

Area of Research Interest: Bioadhesive Controlled Drug Delivery Systems

Book/s: Nil

Consultancy Activities: Nil

MOU/s : Nil

Award/s: Nil

Ph.D. Guide :  Nil